Creating a Culture that Supports and Promotes Donation

A strong link between CORE and healthcare professionals is imperative for the patients who rely on us for organ, tissue and cornea transplants.

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals play a pivotal role in donation, and the transplant program would not be effective without them.

CORE’s professional services liaisons work hand-in-hand with all 150 hospitals in our region to ensure that our partnership with healthcare professionals is successful. By providing educational programs and maintaining constant contact with hospitals, the liaisons reinforce the importance of organ, tissue and cornea donation to the well-being of patients.

Our liaisons are an excellent resource for any questions healthcare professionals may have, ranging from donation standards to legislation compliance.

Once the family has consented to donation, CORE relies on healthcare professionals in many ways.


Physicians and nurses initiate a clinical evaluation of the potential donor. Doctors and nursing staff may assist in caring for the potential donor, but it is the responsibility of the organ procurement coordinator to keep the potential donor stable. This means the nurses will work with the organ procurement coordinator to regulate the potential donor’s heart rate, body temperature and many other functions.

Admissions staff also serves an important role in the donation process by providing a link between CORE and funeral directors and coroners. As such, they are involved in arranging transportation for a potential donor to an autopsy or funeral home.

Laboratory technicians run tests and compile data on the potential donor, which determines suitability for donation.

Operating room staff works with CORE’s recovery coordinators to provide support during procurement. Surgeons will recover organs in a sterile operating room environment, and recovery coordinators will recover tissue. The recovery coordinators also package the organs, tissue and corneas, and transport them to their intended destination.

Hospital support staff ensures the entire donation process runs smoothly. Support on every level makes a successful donation possible.


Saving and Healing Lives Through Organ and Tissue Donation

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