Funeral Directors

CORE Funeral Directors Task Force


Organ procurement organizations (OPOs) and funeral directors have worked together for years to promote and enhance the gifts of organ, tissue and cornea donation.

To support ongoing efforts to provide the gift of life in the wake of tragedy, we established the CORE Funeral Directors Task Force.

Comprised of practicing morticians, the task force advocates that funeral professionals adopt an ethical code of conduct designed to facilitate and promote cooperation with ongoing organ, tissue and cornea procurement programs.

If the departed is not a designated donor, the family may request the advice of their funeral director.

To facilitate efforts in counseling families about the steps involved in preparing the body following an organ, tissue and/or cornea recovery, the CORE Funeral Director Task Force is prepared.

For additional information, please call 800-DONORS-7 (800-366-6777).

Funeral Director Referral

Please call prior to embalming.

Information needed:

  1. Name and age of decedent
  2. Date/time of death
  3. Cause of death
  4. Known medical/social history
  5. Family contact information